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The city of Kyoto had been the site of the imperial residence since 794.
The Kyoto Imperial Palace had been used as the residence of emperors for 500 years since 1331 until the capital moved to Tokyo in 1869.

Joumei-mon, the main gate of the Imperial Palace, and Shishinden Hall (Hall for State Ceremonies)

Oike-niwa garden (Imperial Pond Garden). The bridge on the right of the photo is called Keyaki-bashi (zelkova bridge).

Graceful decoration of Keyaki-bashi

An island in Oike-niwa

A gray heron perching on this island

Gonai-tei garden (Imperial Inner Garden) at the back of Oike-niwa garden

A stream runs through this garden.
The summer in Kyoto is hot, so the emperor endured the heat by looking at this view.

Kin-tai, a tea bower

Jishin-den was built as a refuge or shelter from earthquakes (the building in the back of the center).

Autumn scenery of Kyoto Imperial Palace

The top of a metal lantern

 visited in December 2020
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