Beautiful Gardens at High-class Japanese Restaurants


Jugyuan    MAP   Official Web Site   十牛庵

Following in the footsteps of traditional Japanese fine dining restaurants, Hiramatsu now operates in Tokyo.
The three-dimensional garden created by Jihei Ogawa VII has a different flavor for each of the four seasons.
It is one of the most beautiful gardens located in a fine Japanese restaurant.

Kyoto is home to many traditional "ryotei" (Japansese-style restaurant )
and long-established restaurants.
Because the cuisine is the main attraction at ryotei,
the gardens are not often highlighted, but there are still some beautiful gardens,
including sophisticated tsuboniwa gardens (small courtyard gardens) and
those created by the famous modern gardener Jihei Ogawa VII (Ueji) and others.
The gardens at ryotei are well-preserved,
and visitors can enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine while taking in the beautiful scenery.

MAP   Official Web Site   瓢亭

Hyotei is one of Kyoto's most prestigious ryotei restaurants.
The tsuboniwa garden (small courtyard garden) is said to embody "a mountain residence within the city."
It is one of the most exclusive Japanese restaurants in Japan and has been loved by many politicians and literary giants such as Yasunari Kawabata.

MAP   Official Web Site  Luxury Japanese inn   吉川  

Yoshikawa is a Japanese-style luxury inn and restaurant in the heart of Kyoto.
The garden was created by Enshu Kobori, a samurai and gardener in the early Edo period.
The Japanese garden is covered with moss and has a small clear stream running through it.

Manshige      MAP   Official Web Site   萬重

This is a fine Japanese restaurant in Nishijin (famous as one of Japan's leading kimono and obi production centers)
that is well-loved by local residents.
Both the tsuboniwa garden (small courtyard garden) at the entrance and the courtyard are beautiful,
and the Kyoto-style cuisine, which emphasizes the natural flavors of vegetables and fish, is highly recommended

Kikusui      MAP   Official Web Site     Luxury Japanese inn   菊水

Kikusui is an upscale restaurant (Western-style lunches are also available) and hotel
located on the approach to Nanzenji Temple, a famous temple in Kyoto.
The garden, created by Jihei Ogawa VII, is beautiful no matter what time of year you visit, and you can take a walk after dinner.


Sa-ami      MAP   Official Web Site   左阿彌

Sa-ami boasts over 150 years of history as a fine Japanese restaurant in Maruyama Park.
You can enjoy Japanese cuisine in a traditional tea ceremony room, a stand-alone building,
while viewing the magnificent autumn leaves.
The best time to view the autumn leaves is from late November to early December.


Tori-imoto      MAP     鳥居本

Toriimoto was founded in the mid-Edo period and is located in the middle of Gion,
a traditional Japanese town famous for its "maiko" (apprentice geisha).
It is a traditional Japanese fine dining restaurant with a view of a typical Japanese garden.
The restaurant offers a tranquil setting that is hard to believe it is in the city,
and the beautiful stones placed throughout the garden are a highlight of the restaurant

Harise      MAP   Official Web Site   はり清

Harise boasts a history of more than 300 years since the mid-Edo period.
In its hometown of Kyoto, it is a long-established favorite for Japanese cuisine.
The garden here is not large, but it has all the elements necessary for a tsuboniwa garden (small courtyard garden).


Okakuen      MAP     桜鶴苑

It is a fine Japanese restaurant (Harise is in charge of cooking) located near Nanzenji Temple,
and this garden was also created by Jihei Ogawa VII.
It is a beautiful pond garden with its perspective, arrangement of stones, and above all, the trees, mainly pine trees


Ganko-Takasegawa Nijoen      MAP   Official Web Site   高瀬川二条苑

This pond garden includes the headwaters of the Takase River, a small river that flows through the center of Kyoto.
In the Edo period, the garden was owned by a wealthy merchant,
but during the Meiji period it became the villa of Aritomo Yamagata, a great statesman, and Jihei Ogawa VII renovated this garden.
Japanese cuisine can be enjoyed at a relatively affordable price while viewing the top-quality garden.


Junsei      MAP   Official Web Site   順正 

Junsei, located on the approach to Nanzenji Temple, is famous for its yudofu (boiled tofu).
It is not a super high-end Japanese restaurant, but its garden is as beautiful as any fine dining restaurant.
The pond garden is one of the most beautiful in Kyoto, especially in the fall when the leaves turn red.


Shirakawa-in      MAP      Luxury Japanese inn   白河院

Shirakawa-in not only offers lodging, but also Japanese cuisine.
The pond garden here was also created by Jihei Ogawa VII.
Few people visit here, so you can take your time to see the garden created by that famous gardener in the Meiji era.

Seiwa-sou      MAP   Official Web Site   清和荘

This is an upscale Japanese restaurant located in "Fushimi Ward," a short distance from the center of Kyoto.
Needless to say, the quality of the taste is high, but the garden is also magnificent.
There is a pond garden, a garden surrounding a tea ceremony room (Roji), a tsuboniwa garden (small courtyard garden),
and a variety of other gardens, all of which are beautiful.


Yachiyo      MAP   Official Web Site     Luxury Japanese inn   八千代

Yachiyo is located on the approach to Nanzenji Temple and offers not only lodging but also Japanese cuisine.
The garden here was also created by Jihei Ogawa VII


Awata-sanso      MAP   粟田山荘   
Now closed for business

A villa of Hotel Okura Kyoto, it was a fine Japanese restaurant, but is no longer in operation.
Its three-dimensional garden, which utilized the slope of a hill,
was one of the most beautiful gardens among the many Japanese restaurants. We hope it will reopen.


Rokuju-an      MAP   Official Web Site   麓寿庵

Rokujuan took over the former "Hyoki," a fine Japanese restaurant, and now operates as a tea house.
The former residence of the famous Japanese painter Keinen Imao, it retains several beautiful gardens.

Long-established restaurants
Kawamichiya-Yoro      MAP    Soba noodles    河道屋養老   Misokaan-Kawamichiya      MAP    Soba noodles     晦庵河道屋  
Owariya      MAP    Soba noodles    本家尾張屋   Okutan      MAP     yudofu (boiled tofu)    奥丹  

Seizan-Sodo      MAP     yudofu (boiled tofu)    西山艸堂  

 Nishio Yatsuhashi-no-sato      MAP     Light Japanese cuisine    西尾八ッ橋の里


Tairikitei      MAP     Japanese style cafes and restaurant    大力邸 
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