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Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion, Rokuon-ji)   MAP

It is a famous temple that represents Kyoto. Although you will be fascinated by the Kinkaku, the pond surrounding the Kinkaku is known as a masterpiece of the pond garden...

The pond gardens are the most ordinary type of Japanese gardens.
Many famous temples in Kyoto, such as Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) and Ginkaku-ji (Silver Pavilion), have pond gardens.
It is said that the origin of the pond garden was created to embody the paradise ("Gokuraku Joudo") of Buddhism.
In Kyoto, there are many magnificent yet delicate and elegant gardens that are different from the local
feudal lord's gardens.

*In Japanese, "tera", "dera", "in", "an" and "ji" mean Buddhist temples.


It is a highly prestigious temple also known as Omuro Gosho (Former Omuro Imperial Palace), and is designated as a World Cultural Heritage Site.   MAP

Daigo-ji Sanbou-in It is a famous garden like a three-dimensional painting, and famous stones are placed everywhere. It is a world cultural heritage.   MAP

Tenryu-ji It is a magnificent pond garden created in the 14th century by Muso Soseki, a high priest representing Japan. Muso Soseki also created the garden of Koke-dera. World Cultural Heritage Site.  MAP

(Silver Pavilion, Jishou-ji)    It is a world heritage garden whose prototype was made in the 15th century. Unlike the golden Kinkaku, the Ginkaku is not painted with silver foil.  MAP

Byoudou-in    It is a garden that embodies Buddhist paradise, which was created in the Heian period. World Cultural Heritage Site.  MAP

Koudai-ji    It is said that this garden was also created by Kobori Enshu. No matter where you look, it's a beautiful garden.  MAP

Nijo-jo (Former Nojo Castle)    Kobori Enshu, a gardener and feudal lord in the early Edo period, created this garden. It is a World Heritage Site.   MAP


Shouren-in    It is a highly prestigious temple where the children of the emperor moved in.  MAP

Ryousoku-in    Subtemple of Ken-nin-ji. The pond in front of the Japanese tea room is surrounded by stones and plants of various shapes.  MAP

Chishaku-in  Snow remaining on each of the densely piled stoneworks. You should pay attention to the stones used for the stone bridge and the triangular standing stones. MAP

(a former Duke Kujo Family's tea house)     It is a tea room of the Kujo family, which is the most venerable family in Japan, and is located near the Kyoto Imperial Palace.  MAP

Eikan-do   This temple is famous for its autumn leaves. From the tower (Tahou-tou) on the mountainside, you can overlook the city of Kyoto.  MAP

It is a quiet temple that is not crowded except during the autumn leave season, and you can take a leisurely view of the pond.  MAP 

Kyoto Heian Hotel    There is a garden made by *Ogawa Jihei (commonly known as Ueji), a modern gardener who represents Japan in the Meiji era.  MAP

*Ogawa Jihei is an epoch-making gardener who, along with the great politician Yamagata Aritomo of the Meiji era, breathed new life into the Japanese garden.

It is a former villa of Yamagata Aritomo. This was the first full-scale garden that Ogawa Jihei created,,
and by incorporating Higashiyama (East mountains) into the scenery of the garden, he created an "open landscape" that was not found in traditional Kyoto gardens.

Ryukyou-in (former Shokuhou-en)    It is a garden of a villa made by Ueji. Around Nanzen-ji Temple, there are many villas with gardens created by Ueji.  MAP

Kaiu-sou    It is one of the villas that Ogawa Jihei created a garden, and is located in the Nanzenji area. There is also information that it is currently owned by the CEO of Oracle.  MAP

Seiwa-sou (a traditional Japanese restaurant)    A luxury restaurant in Fushimi Ward, southern Kyoto. A variety of beautiful gardens welcome you.   MAP

Dainei-ken    A garden in the vicinity of Nanzenji Temple. The torii gate installed in the pond creates a mysterious atmosphere.   MAP

Hakusa Sonsou  This is the former residence of Japanese-style painter Hashimoto Kansetsu, and has a garden created with a unique feeling. MAP

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