Kyoto Gardens Collection

  ― Best Japanese gardens in Kyoto, Japan ―
Special Collection ― Beautiful Gardens at High-class Japanese Restaurants
Special Collection ― Best 12 Japanese Gardens

Best gardens in Kyoto ― Katsura Imperial Villa(katsura Rikyu)

Best gardens in Kyoto ― Hyotei  The finest Japanese-style restaurant

Best gardens in Kyoto ― Yoshikawa  The finest Japanese-style restaurant / Luxury Japanese inn

Best gardens in Kyoto ― Kinkaku-ji(Golden Pavillion)

Best gardens in KyotoThe Kyoto Imperial Palace(Kyoto Gosho)  by Yuky R.

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Sep,03 2023  Beautiful gardens at high-class Japanese Restaurants  
Aug.27, 2023  Hyotei (The finest Japanese-style restaurant)  

The Gardens of Imperial Palace / Imperial Villa    
the above picture was taken by Yuky R.


Pond Gardens


Zen temple's Gardens (Karesansui, stone garden)


Moss / Fresh Green Gardens

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